Joy Clark


Saturday, February 3 at 7:30pm

The suggested contribution at the door is $25 for adults, $5 for juniors, and $50 for families. Click here for more information about tickets.



Joy Clark is a New Orleans-born singer-songwriter, lyrical guitarist, composer, and rising star in the Americana music scene who creates soulful compositions that celebrate peace and the undeniable power of love. Her intricate rhythms and warm melodies reveal a sweet vulnerability that has enchanted audiences around the world. Her melodic offerings have been described as a balm for an anxious heart. Each song beckons the listener, welcoming them with open arms—always advocating for truth, authenticity, self-love, and the courage to boldly tell one’s story. Growing up the daughter of a minister, she learned to create an atmosphere ripe for an emotional experience. She believes music is her ministry and intimacy is her superpower. Joy will be accompanied for this concert by Tiffany Morris on bass and Brad Bourgeois on drums.

See Joy’s PBS interview on My Music with Rhiannon Giddens here.

Here is a video of Joy performing her song One Step in the Right Direction.