Butcher, Baglio, and Estes


Saturday, September 14 at 7:30pm

The suggested contribution at the door is $25 for adults, $5 for juniors, and $50 for families. Click here for more information about tickets.



Butcher, Baglio, and Estes is Jon Butcher, Sal Baglio, & Allen Estes. Three veteran musicians and familiar names from the Boston music scene. Their debut album, GYPSY CARAVAN is 11 new electric and acoustic stories steeped in the blues and Americana.
“We’re blue collar guys from working class families. We grew up on the sound of rock radio and the promise of an electric guitar.“

Grammy-nominated guitarist Jon Butcher is one of a select handful of influential recording artists who emerged from the legendary Boston music scene. Video, eclectic radio releases and incendiary live performances comprise the underpinnings of a rich music career that continues today.

As a singer, guitarist, composer, and bandleader (The Stompers), Sal Baglio has touched all the bases that round out a successful musical career. But with his recent work as a solo artist, Baglio embarks upon a new path that looks backward in the most delightful way. Baglio’s music and solo performances dial up a past that is easily imagined in a less-distracted age where music bursts boldly out of a car’s AM radio on a summer drive or floats in the imagination of a young solitary artist learning to strum his first guitar.

Songwriter Allen Estes grew up in a musical family, the oldest son of professional musicians Estelle and Phil Estes in Gloucester MA and began playing at age six. Phil packed the family up in the car and literally took to the open road for musical adventures eventually leading to the forming of the Estes Boys, Allen’s seminal band. The Estes Boys performed in and around New England and by the mid 80’s Allen moved to Nashville TN, writing and working with Tammy Wynette, Robert Ellis Oral, Lori Morgan, and Shania Twain.

Here is a video of Butcher, Baglio, & Estes performing Allen Estes’ song Carnival Man.