Goodnight Moonshine – Charlie Weld opens


Saturday, November 16 at 7:30pm

The suggested contribution at the door is $20 for adults, $5 for juniors, and $40 for families. Click here for more information about tickets.



Goodnight Moonshine is a guitar and vocal duet, and a musical marriage in all senses. The Duo combines the evocative voice and songwriting of Molly Venter, with Eben Pariser’s adventurous guitar playing. The result is folk music with a depth of improvisation and tonal subtlety usually reserved for jazz.

While Molly and Eben have been successful musicians separately, their combined talents leave nothing more to be desired. Their relaxed harmonies and obvious chemistry leave the listener impressed by the vulnerability of the artists and hopeful that such honest communication becomes the norm and not the exception – both for musicians and marriages.

Here is a video of Goodnight Moonshien performing Molly Venter’s song Winston Salem.

Charlie WeldCharlie Weld is a Boston-based singer-songwriter who creates immersive experiences in melodic disguises. Her storytelling is the heart of her craft and she strives to convey all emotions from love, to loss, to heartache. In the words of Christy Altomare, singer-songwriter and Broadway performer, “I can say with confidence that Charlie is without a doubt one of the most talented students I have had the privilege to teach.”