Rob Flax’s Boom Chick Trio – Marc Delgado opens


Saturday, October 5 at 7:30pm

The suggested contribution at the door is $25 for adults, $5 for juniors, and $50 for families. Click here for more information about tickets.



Rob Flax possesses a rare combination of skills: he is an award-winning virtuoso violinist, classically trained but known for his jazz and improvisational pyrotechnics and irresistible grooves; he is also a powerhouse vocalist, capable of silky crooning a la Nat King Cole or visceral Chicago blues shouts.

For many years Rob performed mostly solo—it takes a special kind of musician to keep pace with Rob’s stylistic breadth and depth!—but after much searching he’s finally found a band that can keep up: Rob Flax’s Boom Chick Trio is a new “supergroup” that features Slava Tolstoy on guitar and Max Ridley on bass. Max and Slava both are incredible instrumentalists who have chops for days, but know how to balance their prowess in service of the song.

Together, the three string-wielding maestros have forged a powerful group dynamic, developed over years of gigging and concerts, and the result is an interplay that will bring a smile to your face!

Here is a video of Rob Flax’s Boom Chick Trio performing Rob’s song Virtual Hugs.

Marc DelgadoMarc Delgado is a singer/songwriter, poet, and storyteller from Woodstock, NY. His recent studio album Wildwood Road is filled with cinematic, psychedelic snapshots of his days of addiction and violence, living out of motels up and down California’s San Joaquin Valley. Woven into these songs are scenes of loss and survival, redemption, recovery, and love. Delgado plays constantly as a one-man show. Part folkie, poet, raconteur, and stand-up comic, Delgado tells stories and shares his experience from dark to light and all the shadows in between.